Application forms for Dubai and Abu Dhabi share markets

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To buy stocks and shares in the UAE you need an investor card (one for each of the two markets - ADSM and DFM) and a broker account.

Some brokers will assist you with completing the application process and take the forms to the relevant market to obtain your investor number and investor card.

Dubai stock market application forms

The Dubai stock exchange or Dubai stock market is called the Dubai Financial Market.

All forms and instructions in the table below open in a new window and are from the DFM website. Information is accurate according to what is available on DFM site (as of 06 June 2006). Note that you may find the best procedure is to take the completed form (with checkbook and cash if you need to pay fees) to DFM and present it in person. Anything done by telephone, mail and/or fax is probably going to be a slow and/or incomplete process.

Instructions from Dubai Financial Market website are (double check information with them):

  1. Fill in the requested information in the form and print it out.
  2. Attach all required documents.
  3. If there are fees payable please pay via one of these options:
    • deposit the required fees in AED in Dubai Financial Market account with National Bank of Dubai – A/C number 2750005476 (don't assume this is correct, confirm account details with DFM) and send a copy of the receipt to the Market together with the form (confirm bank account details directly with DFM before sending any money).
    • or write a check to Dubai Financial Market for the fees amount.
    • or pay the amount in cash to the Deposits, Clearing and Settlement Department.
  4. Send the form (attaching all required documents) to Dubai Financial Market using one of the following options:
    • Mail: Depository, Clearing and Settlement Department – Dubai Financial Market - Post Office Box 9700 - Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
    • Fax: +971-4-3311597 or +971-4-3315176 (delete +971-4- within Dubai and replace with 04- in rest of UAE).
    • Deliver the application to a certified brokerage firm in the Dubai Financial Market.
    • Deliver the application to the Deposit, Clearing and Settlement Department, Investors Affairs Section at the Trading Hall.
  5. Note: Except for those marked **, the forms below must be certified by one of the following:
    • Depository, Clearing and Settlement department employee.
    • a licensed broker in the Market.
    • a bank accredited by UAE Central Bank.
Form Description Fees
Entry of investors data To obtain an investor's number or update investor data (view procedure) Free
Investor's authorized signature of citizens To obtain an investor's number or update investor data (view procedure) Free
**Amendment of investor's data To amend investor's previously updated data in the market (view procedure) Free
**Proof of ownership of securities To obtain a statement in writing from the market about the investor's ownership of the securities(view procedure) AED 100 for each joint stock company
**Securities balance statement To peruse the investor's account with the brokers and clearing (view procedure) AED 10 per statement
**Subscribing to the securities balance statement service To obtain the daily, weekly or monthly balance of securities in the investor's account with brokers and clearing (view procedure) AED 1500 (daily)
AED 350 (weekly)
AED 100 (monthly)
Transfer of securities between CDS and broker To transfer securities from the investor' account at CDS to his account with the broker for sale, or to transfer securities at the brokers to CDS (view procedure) Free
Transfer of securities from one broker to another To trade in said securities with another broker (view procedure) AED 10
**Transfers To complete the family, or in case of inheritance or by court order (view procedure) 0.002 of the market value of securities, minimum 25 AED
Application for certification of a power of attorney To approve a power of attorney certified by a notary public. Its duration must exceed a three year period to be used in Dubai Financial Market dealings (view procedure) Free
Application for cancellation of a power of attorney To cancel Dubai Financial Markets approval of the power of attorney for dealing in the Market (view procedure) Free

Abu Dhabi Stock Market Application Forms

  • Abu Dhabi stock market is called the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) - rebranded from Abu Dhabi Securities Market (ADX) in May 2008.
  • Investor Number Application for Individuals
  • Transfer shares from broker to CDS / registry or registry / CDS to broker. To transfer from one broker to another you need to do two transfers: old broker to CDS then CDS to new broker

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