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Resources for company news

The forum has a daily news update with a summary of news items relevant to the UAE stockmarkets and links to more information.

  • Reuters seem to cover more UAE stocks than Bloomberg or Thomson Financial (2 other international financial news and data providers), but even so, they usually only cover the larger listed companies in the UAE.
  • WAM is the UAE news service, anything worthwhile from them will appear in one of the daily newspapers (usually before it appears on the WAM website), but they don't often seem to have stock related news.
  • Gulf News, and Khaleej Times are UAE newspapers with business sections. Most content is sourced from press releases, WAM, Reuters, or Bloomberg. Sometimes interesting articles from the Financial Times, or The Economist are reprinted (but not so relevant to the UAE stockmarkets). Occasionally some original content.
  • Emirates Business 24-7 is a dedicated UAE business newspaper that replaced the general newspaper Emirates Today, in December 2007.
  • AMEinfo, - You'll usually find a press release here before anywhere else. Very little original content. Company data is useful, but difficult to find and not very up to date.
  • Arabian Business, also publishes press releases but not quite as many, and sometimes releases stale news as current. Arabian Business do have some good original content though, and they publish a weekly business magazine which is useful.
  • MoneyWorks,, a personal finance print magazine, focused on UAE but covering the Gulf region. Website has a few interesting articles but not much up to the minute news or analysis. A good place to start if you're an investment beginner. Their online trading link takes you to some forms and information about Wall Street Global LLC, who will set up an account for you to trade US securities. Nothing to do with UAE or GCC securities.
  • Zawya, - company news and information. Is a repository of news, research and analysis from other companies (some of which are free) rather than anything original. User subscription not cheap at US$1895 per year as of March 2006 (although it does include some EIU access). Most annoyingly, they charge an extra 2.50% for online transactions! Having said that, if you do get subscriber access, the well laid out company news pages have a more comprehensive list of news, research and analysis than you'd find elsewhere. Zawya has useful market statistics available without signup.
  • Most other local or regional online news providers such as,,, Maktoob, etc, simply aggregate news and press releases from other sources and republish them without any original content (but with extra ads to slow down page loading - and seem to be about the fastest).
Resources for stock analysis and research

The Dubai stock forum sometimes has topics about research reports, and maybe links to where they can be downloaded. Also the company information pages on have links to summary reports after quarterly results.

This list is not comprehensive, many brokers and investment banks produce reports for their clients. But these are the more well-known sources.

  • EFG-Hermes - Egyptian based broker and investment bank. Has brokerage in the UAE, provides useful research reports to their brokerage customers. Their website doesn't have much useful stuff. A subscription (expensive) will also get you access to EFG reports, or check the Dubai stocks forum for topics about research (or try an EFG reports search of the forum with the Google - add a ticker to the search box to narrow it down).
  • Goldman Sachs have produced reports for their clients which the media sometimes write articles about. Reports do not appear to be publicly accessible, although there is a list of covered stocks and price targets at
  • Gulf Capital Group produce occasional equity research reports, along with useful weekly and monthly reports on world stock markets, as well as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. They also release comprehensive reports focusing on a different market each quarter. Reports are accessible from their website at
  • HC Securities - occasionally produce useful reports, sometimes available on their website at
  • HSBC Middle East produce reports for their clients, and despite what their boss said in a radio interview, there is not apparently any public access to them. However, sign up to their press release mailing list and they sometimes send out reports. Reports are comprehensive and good reading, although their target prices for individual stocks seem to be more optimistic than other sources.
  • Morgan Stanley -
  • Prime Securities - UAE stock broker that publishes occasional useful stock research reports.
  • Shuaa Capital, - (SHUAA). UAE based investment bank that provides research reports on listed companies and daily news updates. Their research appears to be good but appearances can be deceptive - one report on Emaar Properties (EMAAR) in 2005 had some basic accounting errors which probably resulted in a 10-20% error (overly optimistic) in their fair value calculation. When contacted, their response was that it wasn't significant. No charges for daily email updates or access to their company research reports, but you need to register with them first. Or check the UAE stockmarket forum.
  • The National Investor (TNI) - an Abu Dhabi organisation which provides comprehensive research reports on some individual stocks, and also sector analysis. Access them at
  • Zawya, - collects research reports from other providers but it costs you to access them (more information above in the news sources section).
  • Other possible sources:


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