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Banks in the UAE - 23 June 2007

The majority of the banks listed on the UAE stockmarkets are listed on ADSM (Abu Dhabi Securities Market) and are only moderately traded - many are majority owned by governments or government controlled investment institutions.

Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) is the only bank stock that is actively traded, although ADIB, ADCB, FGB, NBAD, and UNB are usually traded on a daily basis and sometimes have bouts of significant activity. Except for ADIB, they allow foreign ownership of shares, and for long term investment they merit serious consideration - depending on the price of their shares of course.

In March 2007, there was a merger announcement from Emirates Bank and National Bank of Dubai, which would create the largest bank in the UAE (pushing National Bank of Abu Dhabi into second place). The announcement caught the Dubai Financial Market and the Emirates regulatory authority (ESCA) by surprise - NBD and EBI share trading was suspended for a day. Other UAE bank mergers are rumoured to be under consideration.

UAE bank stocks - trading notes

CBD, DIB, EBI, EIB, GFH, MASQ, NBD are listed on the DFM. The remaining banks are listed on the ADX.

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